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De-Index Complaints is a site that allows users to name and shame women who they believe their boyfriends/husbands cheated on them with. Whether or not these allegations are true, often doesn’t matter to those who take it upon themselves to call these women names, and reveal their personal information, such as phone number, place of work, and address for further humiliation tactics. The truth certainly means little at all to those that are on the receiving end of these attacks, as they have the same reputation-ruining results either way. When your reputation, and often your livelihood is at stake simply because someone has taken issue with you personally, it can be very hard to see a way out.

What Can be Done?

With sites like, there is little you can do directly. Such sites are protected against litigation due to comments from their users, and those that are posting are more likely to redouble their efforts when asked to stop than actually comply. This can be very frustrating, as those affected often see their successes being drowned out by these hurtful comments in searches for their names.

91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web.

What will search results reveal about you or your business?

Fortunately, we offer a service to delete posts from, permanently. We use a variety of methods to have them removed including sending letters to offending sites and Google, Copyright Infringement removals, and marketing techniques.

Posts on She’s a Home Wrecker can be quite damaging to your reputation, and there is often nothing that can be done. Fortunately, we offer a service to help you remove the damaging and violating information and pictured from the site completely. With our guaranteed service, see what we can do to help you clean off your reputation and move forward.

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