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Litigation, wrongful arrests, and small claims court cases are unfortunate realities for many people, and with many documents being made publically available online, those people are finding that these cases are coming back to haunt them. Legal documents on sites like,, and often appear high in search results for the personal names, and even business names of those involved. This can be very frustrating, especially when you know that you have done no wrong, or that the ruling was in your favor.

The way these documents are often set up, they list plaintiffs and defendants, as well as the legal claim against the defendant well before noting the result. As these documents are bland and can be difficult for the layman to grasp, this ‘headline’ is often the part that impacts public opinion the most.

We have removed hundreds of court documents and records from sites that post this public information. We have removed documents related to civil and criminal proceedings.

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Legal Records portraying you or your company in a negative light? Many websites are taking legal documents, which are public information and hosting them online. Being sued or being part of a legal proceeding can portray you in a very negative light, regardless of the facts of the case. We can help to remove these documents. Our services are guaranteed, you only pay if we can remove your unwanted content.

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