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As a large consumer review site, Complaints Board typically ranks high in search engine results

This means that if your company has a complaint on this site, chances are it appears on the first page for searches of your company name. With many people researching companies before purchasing, this means that complaints with such a high-impact ranking can greatly affect your sales.

We can help.

We can delete many negative posts right off the website. When we can’t delete, we can often deindex. We use proprietary methods and legal resources, where necessary, to have a complaint removed from the site.

Soon after, when Google updates its index, the post can no longer be found on the search engine either.

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91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web.

What will search results reveal about you or your business?

As North America’s largest content removal company, we will permanently remove your negative online content – Guaranteed.

We use a variety of methods to achieve success, depending on the number of negative links, the host website, and other factors.

We will remove your reviews. Guaranteed. With our proprietary methods and great customer service, we will ensure that your problem complaints are taken care of. Get back to running your business, and let us handle your complaints.

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